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About Bordertown Blades

BORDERTOWN BLADES, INC. is a small custom knife manufacturer without the custom price tag. Chris Shires, owner and head bladesmith, handcrafts all of his knives right here in Blaine, Washington.

Bordertown Blades owner working on knives

I believe in the story a knife can tell after years of use, I hope one of my knives will become a part of your story.

I have been making knives professionally for over a dozen years and have been fortunate enough to put knives in the hands of professional hunters, fishermen, and some incredible chefs. I believe in quality products, made by hand in America, at a price point people can afford.

Each knife begins as a hand cut high carbon blade that I hand grind and polish, then heat treat and temper or AEB-L Stainless Steel that I cryo treat. Then finally, assemble and shape by hand. I primarily use premium grade exotic hardwoods and burls. All handles are pinned in place, using a variety of pin materials such as stainless steel, brass, and high end mosaic pins.

I do stabilize some of my wood handles with resin to make them harder and more resistant to shrinking and warping. On occasion, I will also dye the resin to create an even more unique piece.

I will often post pictures of knives without sheaths. I can select the sheath for left or right-handed individuals when the knife is ordered. Custom sheaths and personalized engraving are available by request.

Grinding Knives at Bordertown Blades

Professional videography and photography provided by Greg Thames of “Like the River Films“.

Interview with Jennifer Sefzik

June 20, 2020 Special thanks to Jennifer Sefzik, candidate for WA State Representative, and to Greg Thames of “Like the River Films” for taking the time to interview me regarding the impact the COVID pandemic has had on my business.

American Badassery

Chris Shires has a passion for the historical American Hero. Each knife is named for a historical figure by whom Chris has been inspired. These knives commemorate those heroes, because why not mix passion with passion!

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