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Whatcom County Knife Manufacturing company Bordertown Blades showing kitchen knives

Kitchen Knives

Knives are a chef’s most cherished tool. Whether you are bringing dinner in from the field or the market, BORDERTOWN BLADES, INC. has you covered in the kitchen.

Bordertown Blades knife by a creek with lots of rocks

Every Day Carry Knives (EDC)

EDC knives are excellent all-around knives. From day to day, your cutting needs change so BORDERTOWN BLADES, INC. has a few suggestions for everyday use.

Hunter knife with Maple Burl in the Pacific Northwest

Knives for the Outdoors

Whether you need a camping or a hunting knife, we offer a range of knives for the outdoor enthusiast.

Beautifully Handcrafted, High Performance Knives

Each knife is carefully handcrafted to perform for all your cutlery needs, whether it’s work, play, or show.
Blades at Bordertown Blades laying on a table

High Quality Steel

Steel is essentially a mix of carbon and iron that is often enriched with other elements to improve certain characteristics depending on the desired application. The performance of every knife is largely determined by the quality of the steel used. All our knives use high quality steel to ensure the best performance possible.

Chris Shires working with exotic woods at Bordertown Blades

Exotic Woods

The handle is also an important part of a knife. Each knife has a uniquely hand selected exotic wood that not only performs well, but also adds to the aesthetics of the knife.

knife handle beautiful

Specialty Mosaic Pins

Our knives clearly stand out and compliment the entirety of the knife with their unique mosaic pins. Nothing says handcrafted and timeless as our specialty mosaic pins.

knife closeup on a sheath

Custom Sheaths Available

Copper Woman Studio in Maple Falls, WA. provides us with custom sheaths. They offer custom designs that will compliment your knife and make it stand out.

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